2006-2009 – Collective work

25 works

Artistic group formed by Andreu Latorre and Leticia Hernández

The “no place” that the World has become removes living space. Compressed, depressed, it explodes in the emotion that does not find its way in life. Your explosions open the enigma and the mystery in the immediacy of the gesture, that after each death, life is eternal. As the last Pollock, the magma where matter and color are melted, bodies or cityscapes appear, germination of elements that the explosion launches into the space, with an intensity and movement that evoke the era of informality and Tapie’s walls, gravestones of the ephemeral and death in the rebellion that everything should end like this. In the darkness, red lights up like blood. Your paintwork is a dramatic action, where it is difficult to distinguish hands painting the space of memories and senses of soul on canvas. But perhaps some fragments of sky are from Leticia, impromptu falling gesture, which narrows and replicates itself. It is a caress that is asking the presence of energy from a tense trace that breaks down the body’s walls or the city apperceiving a cosmic contact; it is in the landscapes sensuality improvised by the hand of Leticia, and the black torn and fire-blood red voltage of Andreu. But what is important is not to distinguish the hands but living the thrill of synergy that investigates the enigmas of life and says, after each death, a birth that is always eternal life.

Elio Mercuri (Art critic, Rome)